Our Vision

A successfull Alawwa secretariat division through an outstanding development.

Our Mission

Leading the people of Alawwa secretariat division towards a social,economical and spritual developmentsafeguarding the environment while making the best use of human, financial and physical resourses in accordence with the state policies which will contribute to the national development ultimately.

History of Alawwa Divisional Secretariat

Divisional Secretariat Alawwa is in the North Western Province Which, the coconut trangual is being donated to the Nation.Divisional Secretariat Alawwa is in the North Western Province Which, the coconut trangual is being donated to the Nation.As it supplies rice to country, the Sath Korale was named as Bath Korale.From among the four great kingdoms which the proved Ruins could be seen the scared tooth relic was stayed, the unforgettable period of the Sinhala literature.Excellence of the Dambadeniya Kingdom at present the electrode of Dambadeniya Alawwa as the centre which is the door opened the Sabaragamuwa province to the Western province.with area of 45 sq. miles and consisting of 66 Gramaseva Divisions, surrounding by the Divisional Secretariats of Warakapola, Polgahawela, Meerigama, Pannala And Narammala.The Divisional Secretariat of Alawwa is located with grate history and with grate ambitions.

Role performed at DS

Name          Designation                         From  To
Mr. M.A.Jayasena Divisional Revenue Officer        1972 1977
Mr. S.D.E.Lowrence Divisional Revenue Officer 1977 1980
Mr. H.M.T.Banda Divisional Revenue Officer 1980 1983
Mr. A.W.Abeysekara Assistant Government Agent 1983 1987
Mr.A.W Abeeysekara Divisional Secretary 1987 1992  
Mr.H.M.G Hitisekara Divisional Secretary 1992 1997
Mr.M.A.B.W Bandaranayake Divisional Secretary 1997 1998
Mr.E.M.D.B Eakanayake Divisional Secretary 1998 2001
Mr.L.M Ramyasiri Divisional Secretary 2001 2002
Mr.A. Smarakoon Divisional Secretary 2002 2007
Mr.Wajira Kamburugamuwa Divisional Secretary 2008 2009
Mr.Jayawardana M Pathirathna Divisional Secretary 2010 2011
Mr.M.D.S Beligolla Divisional Secretary 2011 2016
Mr.P Susantha Jayathilaka Divisional Secretary 2016.04.07  

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Divisional Youth Sport meet 2019 Divisional Youth...

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