1. Subsidies
    This is given based on the number of members in the family.
  • For one person or two people Rs.1500.00
  • For three people Rs.2500.00
  • For more than four people Rs.3500.00
  1. Compulsory Savings
  • Contribution fee is taken from the Samurdhi subsidy fee.


  1. I. More than 70 years of age.
  2. II. Having a particular disease or have to spend money on such a disease. (cancer, kidney and heart diseases, other surgeries)
  • III. A child doing higher studies.
  1. IV. Providing necessary grants for livelihood projects.
  2. Housing Lottery Programme
  • Each Divisional Secretariat gets a winning chance monthly
  • Value of Rs.200000.00
  • Constructing a house, renovations, buying a land to construct a house or initiating a livelihood are carried out by this.
  1. Samurdhi Social Security Programme

Instances where benefits are given

  1. I. Pay Rs.7500.00 each for three child births in a beneficiary family.
  2. II. Rs.7500.00 each for two marriages in a family.
  • III. Rs.1500.00 each for a death in a beneficiary family. (For any number of deaths)
  1. IV. For hospitalization in a beneficiary family maximum amount of Rs.7500.00 is paid as Rs.250.00 per day for maximum number of 30 days per year.
  2. V. For a twin birth Rs.5000.00 each until the child completes one tear (12 months)
  3. VI. For a three-child birth or more Rs.10000.00 per month for 12 months.
  • VII. ‘Sipdora’ scholarship

Each child who follows Advanced Level in any beneficiary family is given Rsw.1500.00 per year for the two years they follow Advanced Level.

  1. Samurdhi livelihood
  • Treasury grant 60% and beneficiary contribution. Maximum of treasury is Rs.4500.00 (Differs accordingly)
  • Encouraging the beneficiary through group projects and individual based on the age.
  • Equipment, animal husbandry, crops are given as vocational training material.
  • Model villages, storage facilities, exporting villages, exporting crops, fruit villages, and tourism promoting programmes are carried out.
  • Samurdhi bank and circular loans programmes, five lacks for 12% interest.
  1. Samurdhi Marketing Programmes.
  • Carried out as 50% of treasury grant and 50% of beneficiary.
  • Marketing stalls, promotions, entrepreneur associations, mobile stalls, equipment, marketing centers, are carried out under this.
  • Establishing regional entrepreneur association and developing them.
  • Circular Loans are provided. Interest is 12% and the maximum amount given is five lacks.
  • Entrepreneur development
  • Marketing promotions
  1. Samurdhi Social Development Programme
  • Religious programmes, International Day programmes
  • Counseling programmes, library promotion programmes
  • ‘Sathuta Pawl’
  • Establishing children societies
  • Children society competitions from regional level to the national level
  • ‘Haritha Uyana’
  • ‘Diriya Piyasa’ – Rs.200000.00
  • Special housing programme Rs.200000.00
  • ‘Diriya Piyasa’ and for few members selected according to the particular housing criteria
  1. Community based Associations
  • Establishing community based associations regional level. Apart from all the Samurdhi beneficiaries, low income households and Samurdhi Development officers, others can be members.
  • To take Samurdhi benefits those who are expecting the benefits should take the membership.
  • Regional community takes the leadership.
  • Giving away Samurdhi subsidies, sports equipment, Samurdhi loans, projects based on the ‘Flag Fund’, are carried out under this.
  • These associations are carried out from the regional level, then divisional level upto national level.
  • Grants are given for the Samurdhi low income household children and those who have national level achievements to buy sports equipment and sportswear.
  • All programmes are carried out regionally.
  1. Samurdhi Flag Pogramme carried out on par with the International Day against Drug Abuse
  • Held on May 31st annually.
  • Special programmes based on creativity and creations are sold by going from house to house
  • 90% of the income is spent for the beneficiaries
  • Constructing houses, renovations, and constructing toilets
  • Public hospitality programmes, distributing stationary, training programmes are held under this.
  1. Banks
  • Debt – livelihood

Self employment


Disaster consumer, ‘Dana Abhimani’, cultivation, entrepreneur development

  • Interest – ‘Dana Abhimani’ 7%

     Houses                            14%

     Livelihood                      12%

    ‘Dana Saviya’                 6%

     All the other debts     12%

From minimum Rs.50000.00 to maximum Rs.10 lacks

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73rd National Independence Day Celebration

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